Friends and Associates



  • Broken Walls
    “Breaking Walls Of Separation”
  • Eagle’s Wings Ministry
    We work, through word and deed, to reach Native Americans and others with the good news of Jesus Christ, while respecting native cultures, and with concern for individual and social transformation.
  • First Nations Monday
    We are working to support, encourage and unite those involved in Native Ministry through a multifaceted prayer mobilization effort.
  • Indian Life Magazine
    We publish and distribute culturally and spiritually sensitive literature for Native North Americans
  • International Reconcilation Coalition
    “Bridging the Gap Between Peoples . . . Healing the Wounds of Society”
  • North America Indigenous Ministries
    Serving with First Nations to reach All Nations
  • On Eagles Wings
    “Reaching Native Youth”
  • Wiconi International
    …”our hope is to inspire in people a vision that the possibility exists to experience genuine hope and confidence for a better life in our broken world. As we seek to live and walk among the people “in a good way” by following the ways of Jesus– affirm