Saturday, October 25th, 2014

From all of us here at YWAM Native Ministries, we wish you a wonderful celebration of Creator coming down, giving himself to us in humility and love. Volkhard & Marianne; Mark & Michaela, Florence

YWAM was called to break some norms, to change some paradigms. Although we are uniquely different, God delights in using all kinds of different people. He is no respecter of nationalities, color, skin, or background.

…When the wind of the Spirit blows, Warrior, come on and ride the wind…”
The words sung by Broken Walls and accompanied by a powerful drumbeat are thundering from the massive speakers in the horse arena serving as concert venue. Colorful Traditional, Fancy, and Feather dancer’s busts into the arena, as hundreds of German’s give rousing applause.

We featured a picture of a large rattlesnake, reported to be over 9 feet long, weighing about 97 pounds, that supposedly was killed not far from Kamiah in Lawyers Canyon. The information was forwarded to us by what seemed to be a credible source and all the geographical descriptions appeared correct. As long-time residents of […]

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