50 Years Later-YWAM is still innovating

YWAM Still Innovating Mission Work

Loren Cunningham’s vision first took shape in 1960. Fifty years later, nearly 4.5 million people have been involved in Youth With A Mission.

“God called us tor break some norms, and change the paradigm of missions. Although we didn’t know what all that meant, we were used to do the radical. When YWAM was founded, people didn’t think missionaries were anything but westerners speaking to non-westerners under a shade tree, often with a pith helmet. That was never what God thought!” (Loren Cunningham)

“We have always recognized that it takes everyone and that God has uniquely made different people. We are called to release young people into their destiny. Our focus is to develop potential in others.”  (Darlene Cunningham)

“God is willing to use ordinary people of all backgrounds! He is no respecter of nationalities, color of skin, or background. He is willing to use anyone.”

“All Nations are sending Nations, they all have the Great Commission in their Bible, no matter what language they read it in. We need each other desperately. At this point, YWAM is a majority non-western mission! It is an incredible experience to see the riches of Jesus revealed through the human creation, blended together in this adventure that we have experienced in these last 50 years.” (John Dawson)

At the final 50th Anniversary celebration in Hawaii, one participant described her feeling like being at a United Nations event because of the over 100 nationalities present.

“It has been an enormous privilege of blowing the bugle and we have been honored and humbled by what God has done. Her certainly is the “wave maker.”

This video segment about YWAM’s 50 anniversary was shown on CBN. We trust it will encourage and challenge you to get involved. He wants you, He loves you, He likes you!

You can find much more information, pictures, videos and a sampling of the international music from and by YWAMers: YWAM Music (Check out “Warriors come home,”  “I’m calling you home,” and “Shout it out loud” by June Mataia for sounds of the Pacific Islands.

Natives captivate German Hearts

When the wind of the Spirit blows, Warrior, come on and ride the wind…”

Robert Soto, Lipan-Apache, protocols the Mayor of Altensteig

The words sung by Broken Walls and accompanied by a powerful drumbeat are thundering from the massive speakers in the horse arena serving as concert venue. Colorful Traditional, Fancy, and Feather dancer’s busts into the arena, as hundreds of German’s give rousing applause. This scene was repeated at several other major venues, often with hundreds of visitors each, coming from near and far to see the “Indianer” from North America. The team performed at churches in Herborn and Altensteig, at City Halls, at a well-known area restaurant, at a “House of Blues,” music pub, a water castle, and various other locations.

Visitors anticipated seeing Native people in their colorful regalia, hearing music that included pow-wow style drumming and the

A very interested crowd in Haiterbach

more contemporary sounds and music of “Broken Walls.” They were not disappointed. It was evident again that there is great interest in Native people from North America in Germany and all over Europe. But cultural exchange was not the only purpose of the team’s trip to Germany. They also came to share parts of their history, including the often horrendous results of abuse, mistreatment by the majority culture, neglect, alcoholism and drug abuse and the healing that they experienced by coming to know Jesus their Creator in a personal way, helping them overcome devastation and hardships.

Klaus-Peter with Broken Walls

Dancing for Creator from YWAM Native Ministries on Vimeo. A native person having experienced so many hardships but having found freedom in Christ is a powerful and believable witness to European people while sharing their beautiful and varied cultures. Is this possibly part of their destiny in the Lord? We believe that the words first spoken by the Prophet Isaiah to Israel also apply to Native people: “…their descendants shall be known among the nations.” Isaiah 61:9 Jonathan Maracle, widely traveled leader of Broken Walls stated that the country that printed the first Bible is especially on his heart. He said:

“We came here to remind Germans of the message of God’s love they helped bring to us in the first place

Interview by German ERF TV

and have largely forgotten themselves.”

“In the past, First Nations people were either completely assimilated into European culture, or they reacted against it and it’s religion,” said Maracle. “But God didn’t make a mistake when he created our native cultures. Jesus came to conquer sin, not culture. We were made ashamed of our culture.

But now, as native people we reach out for restoration, to all European peoples with the message of Jesus.”

“We love the responses we previously enjoyed in Europe and the enthusiastic reception the music of our native culture has received and we look forward to make new friends.”

Here are a few reactions the team received.

A young lady was moved by the music and dance of the team. Members of the German organizing team are working with her, introducing her to life in fellowship with Jesus and other Followers of Christ.

Native team members keep receiving encouraging news via email and facebook about how their lives were changed by the words they shared and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A young couple has begun their journey to know and grow closer to Jesus

Several other concert participants are taking part in the basic discipleship courses of the church

One mother wrote that her son listens to the CD’s the teams brought,…”he listens to the songs up and down…and dances to the music, making the whole house shake.”

The Team

Broken Walls (Jonathan Maracle – Mohawk, Vocals, Guitar, Mohawk Wind flute, Bill Pagaran – Tlingit, Drums, Kris DeLorenzi – Bass, Vocals) For more information about Broken Walls, their music CD’s and DVD and other products here Created to Dance (Robert Soto – Lipan Apache, Fancy Dancer, Homer Hinojosa – Lipan Apache/Cherokee/Blackfoot, Fancy Dancer, Trey Adams – Lipan Apache, Southern Traditional Dancer, Orena Monahan – Quechan, Jingle/Fancy Shawl Dancer, Erika Monaham  Quechan, Fancy Shawl Dancer, Chelsea Flores – Lipan Apache, Southern Traditional Dancer) More information about Created to Dance, their music CD’s etc. here This tour was made possible by a very dedicated, generous, and hardworking team of organizers in Germany. We are all very thankful for their vision and tireless work to make it possible for the team to share their culture and faith in Jesus.

Warrior, Ride the Wind from YWAM Native Ministries on Vimeo.

Jingle, Fancy Shawl, Southern Traditional, Traditional, Feather Dancers (Created to Dance) enter the arena at Altensteig, Germany to Broken Walls singing “Warrior, Ride the Wind.”

Dancing for Creator from YWAM Native Ministries on Vimeo.

Broken Walls and Created to Dance share their beautiful culture through song and dance with the German people in Haitersbach and Nagold

Beautiful Feet from YWAM Native Ministries on Vimeo.

Created to Dance members joining the Music of Broken Walls. “Beautiful are the feet of those who proclaim Good News.”

Indianweek 2010 Deutschland from YWAM Native Ministries on Vimeo.

Some of our “wildlife”!

We featured a picture of a large rattlesnake, reported to be over 9 feet long, weighing about 97 pounds, that supposedly was killed not far from Kamiah in Lawyers Canyon. The information was forwarded to us by what seemed to be a credible source and all the geographical descriptions appeared correct.

As long-time residents of this area, we are aware of the presence of rattlesnakes in our area, especially in Lawyers Canyon, however we are unable to verify that the pictured snake was really killed here.

We recently became aware that we might have fallen prey to a “hoax” or “urban legend,” as the large snake has been reported killed at other locations, such as Texas and North Dakota, with similar, detailed geographical descriptions. You can find further information at these websites:
Urban Legends.com

We apologize for featuring this picture and for any inconvenience this may have caused!

Property News! SOLD to Other Buyers!


Thank you for your prayers and donation toward the purchase of a ministry property. We received a number of generous contributions but fell short of the amount needed to make an offer on the property we had envisioned. A few weeks ago, we learned, that the property was sold.

Although this was a little disappointing to us, we are content in the knowledge that the Lord will have another opportunity for us. We are not giving up! We trust that an even more fitting property solution is going to open up. All donated monies remain set aside for this purpose.

Please continue to remember this need in your prayer for us, so we will find the right real estate which will allow us to house students and staff. If you would like to contribute to our Ministry House Fund, you can mail checks to our address below or will find other options there.


To accomplish what we are called to do, we are in need of facilities to house students and staff. The property should have a good size kitchen and rooms for meetings and learning.

We had identified a property that met all those conditions. It also allowed for future expansion. For more details on the previously considered property click here. Unfortunately, the property was sold in April 2009, before we had the needed finances for purchase available.

ridgewoodhouseAlthough there are not too many options that meet our criteria available in the Kamiah community, another property has come up for sale that might provide basic initial space and room to expand. (Realtor Web Site) [Third listing from the top] This property features:

  • 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Rancher (1552 sq. feet, built 1963)
  • 2 car detached garage, which can be turned into bunk-style housing
  • A work shop, (16′ x 22′)
  • 3 blocks from schools but just outside Kamiah city limits in Idaho County. (No zoning restrictions!)
  • 9.75 acres, allowing us to add a community building with a commercial kitchen and office suite
  • The property is also just across from where several Nez Perce families live

We believe the currently listed price can be negotiated down. At this time, we have funds for a down payment and we are in the process of praying for more funds by generous donors, small and large and/or 15 year no-or low interest private loans from individual sponsors.

In order to grow, we also plan to add a larger meeting facility with a commercially equipped kitchen, to host training and conference events. We envision to add a simple, functional and architecturally pleasing facility.We would like to invite to pray with us for this project and to prayerfully consider if you could be part of the answer to raise the needed financial support or to be an advocate for our ministry with other friends, associates, or churches.

Contributions can be made by:ridgewprop

  • Mailing checks or money orders to YWAM Idaho, Inc., Native Ministries, PO Box 1391, Kamiah, ID 83536-1391
  • By Direct Deposit (please contact us for detailed information)
  • Credit Card contributions can also be made using PayPal, by clicking: Send Money to email ywam@ywamfirstnations.org. (Note that a PayPal account is required).

Youth With A Mission Idaho, Inc. is registered and in good standing with the State of Idaho and has 501 (c) 3 Non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service. (Federal ID #: 82-0408415) Contributions are tax-deductible.

If you have questions or would like to be involved, please contact us.

Father, Faith & Family


Recently, (June 21, 2009) our local area newspaper, the Lewiston Morning Tribune published a great article on the Picard family (Nez Perce) from Lapwai. They share how Jesus helped them through the tragic events in which they lost two of their sons within a year, and how he continues to use them to bring wholeness to their sons friends. If you like to find out more about their journey see this document:

Father, Faith