Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

For someone on the outside looking in, she had it all. Beauty, notoriety, influence, financial security. Millions of people regularly watched her news reports on the national TV show, CBS This Morning. She had won several Emmy Awards for her outstanding work, rubbed shoulders with Presidents, First Ladies, Actors and Musicians and covered human interest stories from wildfires to crimes. However, when her husband of seventeen years unexpectedly asked for a divorce, she was thrown into a deep emotional crisis, questioning her identity and value.

My name is Donna. I am 39 years old and I have a seventeen-year-old son. When I was 6 weeks old a loving Christian couple adopted me. I am half African American and half Native American. On the outside my family appeared great. On the inside we were not great. My dad struggled with alcoholism.
I didn’t know than that a lifestyle of partying would turn into a life lived in desperation. I became desperate for a drink, desperate to get high, and desperate for someone to love me. My spirit was desperate for Jesus. He was calling me, but I was to busy being desperate for the wrong things to hear his voice.

by Volkhard Graf It began about a year ago. Out of the blue we received requests from Native inmates located in prisons in different parts of the country. The letters were sometimes scribbled on half-sheets of notepaper and contained questions, asking for resources to help them in their spiritual walk. Some asked if we could […]

YWAM was called to break some norms, to change some paradigms. Although we are uniquely different, God delights in using all kinds of different people. He is no respecter of nationalities, color, skin, or background.

…When the wind of the Spirit blows, Warrior, come on and ride the wind…”
The words sung by Broken Walls and accompanied by a powerful drumbeat are thundering from the massive speakers in the horse arena serving as concert venue. Colorful Traditional, Fancy, and Feather dancer’s busts into the arena, as hundreds of German’s give rousing applause.