Saturday, November 1st, 2014

My name is Donna. I am 39 years old and I have a seventeen-year-old son. When I was 6 weeks old a loving Christian couple adopted me. I am half African American and half Native American. On the outside my family appeared great. On the inside we were not great. My dad struggled with alcoholism.
I didn’t know than that a lifestyle of partying would turn into a life lived in desperation. I became desperate for a drink, desperate to get high, and desperate for someone to love me. My spirit was desperate for Jesus. He was calling me, but I was to busy being desperate for the wrong things to hear his voice.

October 8, 2009 The doctor entered the room, preparing to give me the exam required by US Immigration authorities. Quickly his questions turned personal. Why was I here, what was my job? I briefly stated that I was working with a Christian non-profit organization seeking to walk with and work among Native people in the […]

Recently, (June 21, 2009) our local area newspaper, the Lewiston Morning Tribune published a great article on the Picard family (Nez Perce) from Lapwai. They share how Jesus helped them through the tragic events in which they lost two of their sons within a year, and how he continues to use them to bring wholeness to their sons friends. If you like to find out more about their journey see this document:

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He’ll be dead by Christmas, unless… The following are recollections, excerpts of letters and conversations with Newton Bohanan, Nez Perce, 32. Thank you, Newt for allowing us to tell your story. May it encourage many! Since his dramatic life and death experience Newton has already been a huge blessing to many by his enthusiasm and […]